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guess paper 10th chemistry 2015

| Exam Guide, Guess Papers | March 4, 2015


Guess Chemistry.

Law of mass action 2.lewis concept.3.salt types .4.functional group.5.homologous series.6.urea.7.salvays process.8.alkane and alkene prep.9.uses of acetylene.10.physical proprties of alkene.11.uses ofcarbohydrates and proteins 12.tropo and stratosphere.13.acid rain 14.disadvantages of hard water.15.method of removing hard water.16.petroleum.(prctical) .10.1,10.3,10.5,10.6,11.1,11.2,13.1,15.1.


10th chem 70% SQ’s

active mas, reversble,irr forward reverse, equilb constnt, chem equilbrm state,dynamic equilbrm, dif product reactant, extent of reaction, amphotrc comp, conjugate acid, base,term of aduct,lewis acid and base,dif p and ph,salt, indicator,use hclph,hyperacidity,two method 4 salt prep,pour watr is not strong,Arhenis concpt,Bf lews acid why, neutralization,acid ,base,minerl acid,AlCl3 lewis acid why,basic salt,NH3 lewis base why,use of NaOH,H2SO4,CaCl2,mzk,coplex and double salt, eastr,vital force theory,functional group,Hetrocyclic,condnt formula, catenation and isomersm,carbon comp

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