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guess paper 9th biology exam 2015

| Exam Guide, Guess Papers | March 20, 2015

BIO 9TH  s/q Science.biology branches.cel.tissue.organ.molicule micro and macro.atomic.biosphere.population.comunity.organism.colonial.biological method.celwal.membrane.mitochondria.nucleus.prokarotes.ukarotes.cel cycle.mitosis.apoptosis.enzyme.uses.properties.photosynthesis.respiration Uses.heart diseases.SHORT q  book ky end waly yad krain.PRACTICAL.punjab text note book pahly 10 practical procedure diagram labeled and short question krain.

9th bio long questions

Biodiversity,3 an 5 kingdom,bionomial nomenclature,steps of conservtn of biodiversity,history offorwulatn theory,

Diffrence \bw prokaryotic and eukryotic cells,define osmosis and facilated difusion,filtratn,animals and plant tissu,mitosis,thases of mitosis,atp,photosynthesis,mechanism of respiratn,role of calcium and iron,  digestion in human complete,effects ofmalnutrition,human heart,blood vessels,blood transfusion in ABO blood group system,blood cels,transpiration.

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