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guess paper chemistry 9th exam 2015

| Exam Guide, Guess Papers | March 25, 2015

CHEM 9th gues

LONG QSTN. diff b/w compd & mixture

Properties of Cathod rays Discovery of Nutron. Bohr Atomic Model .Uses of Isotopes. Ionic Bond .dative c b. Properties of Ionic & Covalent Compound

Inter Molecular Forces

Hydrogen Bonding Boyl’s Law. Charle’s Law. Solubility & Factors. Oxidatiön & Reduction. Rules for assigning Oxidation State. galvanic cel .down cel. rusting of iron. Electropositivity &Ionazation Energy Physical  & Chemical Properties of Non   Metals. Significance of Non Metals. Short ques exercise b00k practical. Pahly 10 procedure.material aur short

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