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Matric 10th Class Computer Guess Paper

| Exam Guide | March 7, 2014

Flow chart symbols. Guidlines and limitations of flowchart.  Debuging and t ypes of errors.what variable and rules for variable name.what are type declaration characters. what are constants and their use.what are operators and arithmatic,relational and logical  operator.input statment and print using statment. What are control structures and their types. goto statment and ongoto statment.on error goto. Err and erl variables. If then and if then else . While wend and for next loop. …. Practicale.  Find volume of cylinder .find square of a number. Find table of a given number ( most important).  Apply header and footer.apply bullets and numbers. Insert page number of document.who to change font. Find and replace text (most important) .

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