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Matric 10th Class Math Guess Paper

| Exam Guide | March 9, 2014

Guess maths 80% 2014. EX1.1Q2,3 . Ex1.2Q1 .EX1.3Q1TO4,15,16 EX1.4Q1TO6 EX2.1Q1,2,8,10 EX2.2Q3,4,5 EX2.3Q5,6 EX2.7Q1TO5 ex2.8q1to4 ex3.2q8to13 ex3.3q all  ex3.4q2 ex3.6q1 ex4.1q1to5 ex4.3q1to3 ex4.4q1to5 ex5.2q3,4 ex5.3q1,4 ex5.4q1 ex5.5q1,2,3 ex6.2q6,7,8 ex6.3q4,5,6 ex7.3q7to11 ex7.4q all ex7.5q1,2,5,8 ex13.2 q7,8,9  ex13.3q3,4,5,9,10  theorms of ch9 Or ch12
Maths 10 long
Ch1 Ex1.1 q3(1,4,5,7)
Ex1.2 q3,5,6,ex1.3 q3,4,5,ex1.4q1,2,3,4,10,11(examples 1,2 of each xercise) ch2 ex2.1q3,5,8,9,ex2.2q3,5(example1,2),ex2.3q2,5,6(example3,4),ex2.6q2,3,ex2.7q2,3,5,11,12(example 1,4) ex2.8q1,2,5,9
Ch3 ex3.1q7,9,ex3.4q1(1,2,5)q2(1,2,5,6,8,9),ex3.5q1,4,6,ex3.6q1(1,2,5,6)q2(1,2) example 2.4 ch4 ex4.1q7,8,ex4.2q1,2,3,7,8,ex4.3q1,2,7,8,ex4.4q1,2,5(examples of ch4 only 1st from each xercise) ch5 ex5.2q3,ex5.3q1,3,ex5.4q1,2,ex5.5q1,4,5
ch6 ex6.1q5,ex6.2q5,6,8,13(example1,2,3,4),ex6.3q6,7 ch7 ex7.2q4,5,9,10,ex7.3q7,9, ex7.4q11,19,20,18,21,23,8,ex7.5q1,2,3,4,5,6
Theorems ch9-2,3,4.

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