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Matric 9th Class Biology Guess Papers for Exam 2014

| Exam Guide, Guess Papers | March 20, 2014

BIO 9TH +90% Science.biology branches.cel.tissue.organ.molicule micro and macro.atomic.biosphere.population.comunity.organism.colonial.biological method.deduction.theory.law.data.biodiversity.clasfication.texnomy.kingdom system.binomialnomenclature.endanjured species.microscope kinds.cel theory.cel wal.mitochondria.difusion.prokaryotic eukaryotic cels.turgor.osmosis.filtration.ex.endosmosis.Tissues.cel cycle.mitosis.meiosis.crosing over.error.metabolism kinds.Enzyme character.action.uses.Awamil.specificity.oxidation.reduction.photosynthesis.limting facter.photosystem.respiration.facter.kinds.nutrition.imp
ortance fertilizer.vitamin all.balanced diet.goiter.malnutrition.digestion.transpiration.arterial venous system.diseases.blood.presur flo.PRACTICAL.bacteria.root.stem.leaf.flower.mitosis.meiosis.photosynthesis.respiration.transpiration vitamin.starch.glucose.protin ,LIPID test.

guess 2

Bio SQ………B1………..
Bio branches, bio ka othr branchz s shakal bna kr taluq, 4 micro organzm k nam, sarsu, frog ka sainsi name,
hypothesis, deduction, barwar therory, gd hypothesis ki khubian, biodivrsty ki tarif, ehmyat, maqsad, binomial nomenclatur, asool, inds dolfin, cel theory, lysosom, ground tisu, tonicity, types of transport, suporting tisu in plants, enzyme, coenzym,cofector, ph, temp, enzym ki takhsis, ATP, glycolysis, emulcification, oral cavity ka kam, liver n stomach ki secretion, digesion ki ehmiyat, types of vitamin, ditry fibr, balanc dite, blood, functions, transpiration ful, watr n food transport in
……………….B2…………….plants, cadiac cycl, RBC, WBC, Pt k kam, tadad, ethroseclorosis, arteriosclerosis

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