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Matric 9th Class Chemistry Guess Papers for Exam 2014

| Exam Guide, Guess Papers | March 25, 2014

Chemistry 9th
+9O%Long questions.
Branches of chem,
Molecular and empirical formula,COMPOUND AND MIXTURE ion,Avogadro’s nbr .
Neutrön discovery, Boher model, isotopes USES, LONG FORM OF PERIODIC TABLE electronegativity, shielding efect,IONIC BOND dative bönd, dipole forces,alotropy,  Charles law, Molairity,Super saturated solution
GALVANIC CELL .DOWN CEL. NELSON CEL.RUSTIN OF IRON. prevention of corrosion, refining of coper , sodium chloride,Magnesium uses, phy. and chem. properties of metal and non metal,

practical 9th 90% chemistry….separation of iron & sand. alcohol & water.melting & boiling point .prepare 100 cm3 of 0.1 m naoh na2co3 sol.prepare pure copper sulphate crystel. only procedure & appratus chemicals yad kerna hai.

CHE 9TH+95% PRACT  1.1 5.1 TO  5.7  6.1  6.2 6.7  6.9  6.11 7.1  8.3

Guess 2

9th chemistry guess.. glossary . exercise mcqs & short qs..branches of chem.mix. & comp.empirical&mol.formula.mol mass&formula mass.no of moles.shell subshell.elec configurgation.rutherfords .bohr atomic model.uses of isotopes.long form periodic table.periods groups.ioniz energy.ionic covalent.dative bond&compounds.boyls charles law.properties of liquids.solubility.colloid suspension.oxidaion reduction reaction.nelsion cell.properties of metals &non metals.significance of non metals.

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