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Matric 9th Class Computer Science Guess Papers for Exam 2014

| Exam Guide, Guess Papers | March 21, 2014

9th computer
john napier,charles babage,punch cards,ENIAC,UNIVAC,COMP genrations,comp types,language translater,CPU,
types of system bus,serial,parallel,
Usb port,digital camera,scaner,lightpen,types of monitors,RAM,ROM &types.primary
(main),secondary memory,cd,all number conversions,additon &subtraction with 1’s &2’s complement,k map,literals,lsd,msd,bcd,ascii,uni code,truth table diff. Types Files in dos,cd,md,dir,rd,copy,date,attrib,xcopy,deltree comands,my comp,my docoment,GUI,windows desktop.windows explorer,task bar,
Prectical. It series pg 248 to 253

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