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Matric 9th Class English Guess Papers for Exam 2014

| Exam Guide, Guess Papers | March 18, 2014

Guess English 9th translation.unit 1-para3,4,6.excr sq b,2,3,6 unit 2-para1,2 excr sq1,2,4 and dictionary skil,unit3-page22 ka lasta para,excr sq,2,3 vocabulary a,unit 4-para 2,6,7 excr sq2,4,7 vocubulary b,rewiew poray,unit 6-para 3,4,excr sq.2,5 vocabulary a,d unit7-para 4,6 excr sq.2,4,6,rewiew vocabulary.a, grammer a unit:9 para4,6 unit:10 para 4,5 excr sq1,2,4 unit 11 para 4,6 excr sq 1,2,5 unit.12-para 5,7,9 excr.sq 1,3 rewiew,vocabulary and grammer.

Guess 2

Guess Eng…9th class ++95%
lesson no 1,3,4,10,12
answer questions
lesson no1 ka 1,2
2 ka 1,3 3 ka 1,2,3 4 complete 6 ka 1 7 ka 1,2 10 complete 11 ka 1,2 12 ka 1,2,3


letters to father for money,to broth for study,to friend’s for  mother death,to friend for books,to friend to spend holidays

greed is curse,3 frnd gold bag, union is strength,save somethng for rainy day,all that glitr nt gold,frnd indeed

application for
sick leave,
fee,for a job,character certificate

newspaper,tailor,aman is known,camel,elephant,musa,robert,hazrat khalid.r.a

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