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Matric 9th Class Mathematics Guess Papers for Exam 2014

| Exam Guide, Guess Papers | March 23, 2014

(maths 9th)

Ex.1.1 Q.no. 3 Ex.1.2 Q.5,6 Ex.1.3 Q.6,7,8 Ex.1.5 Q.1,4,6 Ex.1.6 cmplete Ex.2.1 Q.2,4,5 Ex.2.3 Q.3.EX.2.4 cmplte Ex.2.5 q.1 Ex.2.6 Q.2,3,7 Ex.3.1 cmplete Ex.3.2 Q.4,5,6 Ex.3.3 Q.2,3,4 Ex.3.4 Q.1,4,5 Ex.4.1 Q.3,5,6 Ex.4.2 Q.2,3,4.5,11,12,13 Ex.4.4 Q. Ex.5.1 Q.3.5 Ex.5.2 Q.4.6 Ex.5.3 Q. Ex.5.4 Q.1.2 Ex.6.1 Q.1.2.4 Ex.6.2 Q.9.10 Ex.6.3 Q.2 Ex.7.1 Q.cmplete Ex.7.2 Q.2 Ex.7.3 cmplete Ex.8.1 Q.1.4 Ex.8.2 Q.3.4 Ex.8.3 Q.1.2 Ex.9.1 Q.1 Ex.9.2 Q.2.3.5 Ex.9.3 Q.1 review 10 Q.3.4.5 Review 11 Q.3.4.5 theorem 12.1 and 12.3 and 12.4 and 12.6 review Ex 12 Q.3.5.6 review Ex 13 Q. revi

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