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Organizing for test taking

| Test taking | December 8, 2011

Begin reviewing early
This will give your brain time to get comfortable with the information

Conduct short daily review sessions
You can ease into a more intense review session prior to major exams

Read text assignments before lectures
This will help you identify concepts that the professor considers important and that are already somewhat familiar

Review notes immediately after lectures
This will help you identify information that you do not understand while the lecture is still fresh in your memory–and other students’ memories as well. When you review immediately, you’ll have time to clarify information with other students

Review with a group
This will enable you to cover important material that you may overlook on your own

Conduct a major review early enough to allow for a visit to the instructor during his office hours if necessary

Break up the study tasks into manageable chunks,
especially during major reviews prior to exams.
Studying three hours in the morning and three in the evening will be more effective than studying at a six hour stretch. Studying while you are mentally fatigued is usually a waste of time

Study the most difficult material when you are alert

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