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Review tools for tests

| Test preparation | December 9, 2011

Create study checklists
Identify all of the material that you will be tested on– list notes, formulas, ideas, and text assignments you are accountable for.
This checklist will enable you to break your studying into organized, manageable chunks, which should allow for a comprehensive review plan with minimal anxiety

Create summary notes and “maps”
Briefly map out (see mapping) the important ideas of the course and the relationships of these ideas. Summary notes should display lists and hierarchies of ideas.
Creativity and a visual framework will help you recall these ideas.

Record your notes
and significant portions of text on audio tapes so you can review material with a walk-man.
Having a tape of important information will enable you to study while walking or relaxing in a nonacademic environment

Create flashcards
for definitions, formulas, or lists that you need to have memorized–put topics on one side of the card, answers on the other.
Flashcards will enable you to test your ability to not only recognize important information, but also your ability to retrieve information from scratch

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